This is probably my most frustrating unit - even more so than Julius Caesar! (I know, I know, hard to imagine with as much as I whine about that darn play.) See, this is one that's required by my school system. But it's not specifically in the state standards, and I very much feel that the paint-by-numbers research paper we have students produce doesn't teach them anything beyond following directions - which is great, but shouldn't require 15-25% of the entire course.

So what I need to do is create a way to combine the district's expectations with the state standards - and good teaching!

Focus standards: RC 1, 2, 4; W 1, 2, 3, 4; C 1, 2.
Other included standards: RL 4; LSV 2.

What *I* think students should know is:
  • How the scientific method applies to all inquiry
  • How to use paraphrasing, summarizing, and direct quotation
  • How to find out how to give credit appropriately
  • How to follow detailed directions (source cards, fact cards, works cited page)
  • How to create (1) a thesis (2) a body (3) an introduction (4) a conclusion
  • How to use transitions to make writing smooth and organized
  • How to use the writing process
  • How to analyze a writing prompt and respond to it well

Obviously students will produce a research paper :P ... so I guess I need to go through the process to create samples for each step. Maybe? But then I also hear you're supposed to "Write Beside Them" and all.