Focus standards: RL 1, 2; RC 2, 3; W 1

Reading - structure of plot; character development and depiction; setting, mood, and tone; point of view; theme; figurative language; imagery; sound devices in poetry & for reading out loud
Writing - prepositions, sentence structure, punctuation; referring to text for supporting evidence
Speeches - using appropriate volume, clarity, eye contact
Procedures - quickwrites, SSR, double notes, turn-in tray

So. How will students prove to me that
  • they understand the standards
  • they understand how and why a writer might use certain techniques to explore a particular idea
  • they're familiar with the terms used to discuss literature
  • they can write clear, coherent, interesting paragraphs
  • they can provide strong evidence with clear explanations for their ideas
  • they can follow directions given to format a document
  • they can express themselves clearly aloud

Summative Assessment
  1. analysis of a poetry performance (?) or sound technique in a written poem; literature circle responses to their SSR book (differentiation); combine with business letter explaining how the two other documents demonstrate understanding & mastery of standards. I need to have crappy/good examples of the LC set, the analysis, and the business letter, as well as a rubric or checklist of some sort that they can use to make improvements to my example as well as (later) to their own work. Can I have my peer facilitators do my samples?
  2. book-talk presentation incl. protagonist, conflict, rising action. Must have read at least 50 pages. Turn in neat copy including MLA-style works cited entry; these are kept in book-rec binder alphabetically by title of book reviewed.
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I based my Literature Circle Discussion forms on ideas from Mr. B-G's English Blog.

Formative Assessment
  1. Presentation:
    1. index-card speeches
    2. reading one stanza of a ballad
    3. reciting a limerick
  2. Writing:
    1. paragraphs
    2. works cited entries for SSR books?
    3. parenthetical citations when we find stuff in SSR books
    4. current event persuasive essays, incl. 3 web sources w/ works cited & parenthetical citation
  3. Reading:
    1. updated SSR logs
    2. in-class response to whole-class reading

  1. Presentation:
    1. choral reading: pledge, preamble, Gettysburg address, ballads
    2. ROL children's books
    3. skits and/or readers' theater
  2. Writing:
    1. daily freewriting
    2. lit circle responses
  3. Reading:
    1. identifying metaphor, hyperbole, prepositional phrases, all sorts of stuff in SSR books
    2. reading & logging SSR daily
    3. reviewing, commenting, etc. on goodreads
    4. word trees?

Works I may be interested in using:
Short stories:
  • Harrison Bergeron (LL20)
  • A Sound of Thunder (LL 71)
  • The Witness for the Prosecution (LL 871)
  • The Pit and the Pendulum (LL 559)
  • The Cold Equations (EL 9)
  • The First Seven Years (EL 120)
  • The Bet (EL 210)
  • Satyagraha
  • Lamb to the Slaughter
  • The Boar Hunt
  • My People
  • Something Old, Something New
  • current events - articles from the local paper
  • Dial vs Digital
  • Love and Marriage
  • That's Scary (EL 480)
  • Talent (EL 538)
  • letter (ELB 603)
  • Ballads -
    • Jabberwocky
    • Lovely Joan
    • Paul Revere's Ride
    • The Highwayman
    • A Skeleton in Armor
    • The Wreck of the Hesperus
    • Lady of Shallot
    • Rime of the Ancient Mariner
  • Sonnets - three from
    • Shakespeare - lying
    • Shakespeare - "shall I compare thee"
    • Shakespeare - "my mistress' eyes"
    • Edna St Vincent Millay's "love is not all"
  • Limericks - I just KNOW I'll have some lovelies who've lost touch with meter. Blih.
  • Free form -
    • Falling in love is like owning a dog
    • Fire and Ice (ELB 541)
    • Harlem (ELB 591
  • "The Million Dollar Banknote" (play), possibly paired with O. Henry's short story "One Thousand Dollars"
  • possibly some of the TED talks
  • videos of (slam?) poetry
  • RFK's Eulogy to MLKJr (LL 136)
  • Gettysburg Address
  • Stanzas from ballads; limericks (short poetry)
  • sonnets / ballads / Shakespearean monologues
    • Cassius in 1,
    • Brutus in 2,
    • Brutus or Antony in 3;
    • readings from Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello?
    • comedies?
  • index card introduction
  • Book talks
  • Gettysburg Address

Georgia Performance Standards Powerpoint - "Great Expectations"
Worksheet with blanks -
Key for worksheet -