What is UbD?

UbD is the acronym given to Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe's approach to curriculum design as outlined in Understanding by Design. At its core, UbD is a method for planning using backward design -- visualizing the end result (what students should understand) before selecting learning activities.

Who are UbD Educators?

Educators interested in learning more are welcome to participate in our collaborative here. Simply request to join the space. Our goal as educators is to read and participate in a collaborative discussion of Wiggins and McTighe's Understanding by Design, Expanded Second Edition, and establish a UbD network of peer reviews. Feel free to post your UbD unit plans and request feedback.

Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe's websites and the UBD Exchange may prove useful to educators who are looking for additional resources. See also BigIdeas.org.


Navigate this wiki using the sidebar to the left. You will be able to share your reading journals (create new wiki pages or post a link to your blog) and post unit plans (create new wiki pages). Don't forget to check out the Help page if you need assistance.

Membership: Please read below before you request to join this wiki

You are free to join UbD Educators, but please keep in mind that the information available is free for anyone, and you do not need to join UNLESS you plan to contribute. You need not join if all you want to do is browse and download ideas. No information is hidden from lurkers. You can see all the information that is available to members. There are no hidden pages, files, documents, or other information. Membership simply allows you to edit and share your own ideas.

Our wiki is only as strong as its contributions. If you request membership, please share your ideas! Inactive members will occasionally be removed from membership.

What Can You Do?

This wiki grows as you add to it. Please feel free to join the wiki if you want to add ideas and materials. Please note this wiki is licensed under an Attribution, Noncommercial, Share-Alike Creative Commons License. Encourage educators you know to join and add their ideas and materials, too. We particularly need help with the UbD Chapter Summaries and with materials in non-English/LA subjects.

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